Chloe + Ellie


Puppy alert!!
My beautiful friend Ellie was blessed with an equally beautiful little girl for her birthday.
Ellie, with her black lab Chloe and chooks Vixen and Hettie, make up the Burke st Girl Gang. Here’s a little window into their snuggly world.

Chloe + Ellie-33.jpg

How did Chloe come into your life?

She was a 30th birthday present from my loving parents in early February.

How would you describe her personality?

Cheeky, affectionate and very brave. Nothing stops her! in cupboards, the shower, under the bed, exploring her surrounds all by herself.
Chloe had a swimming lesson with my parent’s dogs Oscar and Heidi, and she just followed them straight in! kamikaze. Her doggy paddle is very splashy but getting stronger.

Chloe + Ellie-8.jpg
Chloe + Ellie-17.jpg
Chloe + Ellie-27.jpg
Chloe + Ellie-23.jpg

If Chloe could tell us all something about you, what would she say?

The food lady is loving and silly. I especially love her when she gives me treats, takes me on adventures and calls me a good girl. I enjoy waking her up before her alarm in the morning and staring into her eyes while I widdle.

What's everyday life like with your little girl by your side?

We either have quiet days pottering around at home with the chickens or Miss Chlo Bean gets to hang out with my parent’s labradors (“doggy daycare”) while I am at work. I am quite sure that is a highlight for her as she gets the happy wiggles when we arrive.

Chloe + Ellie-49.jpg
Chloe + Ellie-51.jpg
Chloe + Ellie-35.jpg

What does she love to do the most?

Chasing the chickens around the garden and digging holes with them. True to her breed, Chloe thoroughly enjoys food and sleeping. Chloe has just realised that her legs are long enough to be able to jump onto the couch for a nap.

Chloe + Ellie-31.jpg
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Chloe + Ellie-32.jpg
Chloe + Ellie-30.jpg
Chloe + Ellie-52.jpg
Chloe + Ellie-53.jpg
Chloe + Ellie-55.jpg

How has having a dog changed your life?

Chloe is my companion, side kick and best friend. She gives me a routine and fills me with happiness, I cannot wait to see her grow.

Chloe + Ellie-58.jpg
Chloe + Ellie-65.jpg
Chloe + Ellie-44.jpg

Be still my beating heart!
Since our backyard photo session, Chloe has already grown enormously. Watch this space because we may have to do it all over again once she’s a big girl and has filled into those big stomper feet.
Just name the date Ellie, you know I’ll be there!

x Dani.