Smog, Julia + Dave


It’s not much of a secret that Greyhounds are one of my favourite animals of all time (just scroll back through my instagram), so you know I’m telling the truth when I say it was an absolute delight to spend time with beautiful long-boi Smog, and his wonderful humans Julia and Dave.
Dave got in touch late last year to organise a birthday gift for Julia (nice one!), so near the end of Summer we all got together in the beautiful Michael Perry Reserve to wander about and make some sweet, fun, and occasionally goofy pictures.


How did Smog come into your world?

We did the foster-to-adopt program through GAPSA at the end of 2017. We knew we wanted a dog but weren't sure how it was going to go. When we first got him in the house, he was a bit nutty. He hadn't spent much time indoors or at a was all a bit alien to him. He even climbed on the roof of our cars at some point. But we quickly fell in love with him and knew we couldn't give him back.


How would you describe his personality?

Batty. But also affectionate, calm, and sweet.

If Smog could tell us all something about you, what would he say?

Hopefully that we make a good dog mother and father. Probably that we shouldn't be annoyed with him digging up the entire backyard because its now a beautiful dirt pile for him to sit in.


What's everyday life like with Smog by your side?

The best. It's so nice to come home and have him greet us with zoomies (followed by a long lie down and sleep). Or when you get out his lead for a walk and he gets so excited he runs in various directions and you end up basically tripping over him to get out the door. He constantly makes us laugh.


What does he love to do the most?

Probably eat Denstasticks. He's obsessed. He has one every night after dinner, I guess its his dessert. When he hears the packet being opened, he goes a bit manic, runs around, plays with the dentastick, and only calms down once he's finished eating the thing. It's great- it happens every single night.


How has having a dog changed your life?

Life is so much better with Smog. He makes us so happy. And there's nothing more humbling than scraping dog poo out of some large plant he's managed to perch over.

Seriously though, if anyone is thinking about getting a greyhound, they should give it a go. They're such good dogs and make the best pets.


One of these days I will have a greyhound of my own, but until that day arrives I’m going to need to keep borrowing them from others. Thanks for sharing, Julia and Dave. The pleasure was all mine.

x Dani.

Danielle Chidlow