Hound in Hand Photography


I'm Dani and this is my baby,
Hound in Hand Photography.

Dani & Rinnie. Have a little read about us  here

Dani & Rinnie.
Have a little read about us here


What do you want to be when you grow up?

For me the answer has always been straightforward, I had to be a photographer – no question! The hard part, and no one warns you about this, is figuring out how to actually make it happen.

From day dot it had always been my dazzling plan to launch myself into the world of #fashion and #beauty. So, sensibly, I began my photography career with commercial training at both TAFE and University. I spent my first year after graduation in a Melbourne fashion photography studio, and as it turned out, the process of making something beautiful for the sake of being beautiful just wasn’t my jam.
In the 7 years since I’ve been sticking all my fingers in all the pies, trying my hand at event photography, lifestyle, concert, theatre, real estate, and weddings. So many gorgeous weddings!

All these experiences brought me varying levels of fulfillment and success, but nothing truly spoke to me in a way that felt sustainable.
Upon reflection, the overarching lesson from this collective of experience was clear; I’m most drawn to authenticity. Making photographs that harbour genuine, real, honest expression is what I love. I’ve always found it to be true that important pictures, memorable pictures, tell us something about who we are.

In recent years for no reason other than fun, I found myself photographing friends with their dogs and through these brief encounters I realised... this is my joy. Since I was small I've always been an animal lover, it makes so much sense for me to combine my passion for natural, authentic photography with the special and honest relationship shared between people and their pups.

Your furry little guy or girl is just as much a part of your family as the humans within it. Already we treasure photographs at all the important milestones of our family's lives; engagements, weddings, births. Of course we should! These memories are precious and one of a kind. It's important to remember I think, that in the scheme of our lives, the time with our pets is fleeting.

They might only be here for a part of your life, but for them, you are their whole life

I feel this sentiment more than ever and I’m energised by my passion to capture authentic portraits of people with their pets, to be treasured for a lifetime. Hound in Hand allows me to live and work in a way that is true to myself, and I'm following my nose to create something real.

I can't wait to have you along with me, together creating memories for your family that are honest, lasting, and important. We hold our pets forever in our hearts, and with beautiful photographs we can forever hold them in our hands.