Eddie, Huxley, Chloe and Nathaniel.


Mid way in March I spent a wonderful afternoon at Grange Beach with this fab foursome. Two total sweet-heart humans and their beautiful Whippet boys made my job as photographer a dream. It’s my pleasure to share their story, in Chloe’s and Nathaniel’s own words.

How did your boys come into your world?

After researching dog breeds I was lucky enough to land on whippets, and it didn't take me long to find Eddie! 12 hour round trip to pick him up and he's rarely left my side since. 5 years later and we've added Huxley to the mix! Getting to visit him from 2 weeks old cemented him into our hearts and we can't imagine life without the two of them.

Introducing Eddie

Introducing Eddie

and Huxley

and Huxley

How would you describe their personalities?

Eddie and Huxley are polar opposites for sure. Ed is very reserved and somewhat concerned at all times, he is my grumpy old man. He can be fussy about who he lets pet him and definitely prefers mum and dad to anyone else! He will do absolutely anything for food, though he's quite happy to take food off the counter as well. Ed is very much my velcro dog, very rarely wandering off by himself when we are out and about.

Huxley on the other hand is full of spunk! He's so confident and loves greeting anyone! He also can't help but greet every dog we see, which isn't always a good thing 😂 he's a very cheeky boy but loves a good snuggle. It did take Eddie quite a while to warm up to Huxley but luckily they've become best of friends.

Eddie + Huxley-30.jpg

If they could tell us all something about you, what would they say?

They'd definitely say I don't stick to their diets 😂😂 hopefully they'd also say nothing beats a cuddle with mum and dad and we create a safe place for them to enjoy life.

Eddie + Huxley-26.jpg

What's everyday life like with your dogs by your side?

I really couldn't imagine life without Ed and Huxley. They don't get out of bed until I do. We breakfast together and tend the garden, as well as feed the quails (though the dogs are a little too eager for that). Days off are the best where we can just relax together. When I do have to work Eddie sometimes comes with me and makes the best store dog!

What do they love to do the most?

Eat! Haha. Most of their time is spent doing zoomies around the yard and wrestling followed by a long nap. During winter they'll be found in front of the wood fire and won't move very far at all.

How have Eddie and Huxley changed your life?

I suffer from an anxiety disorder where sometimes getting out of bed is too hard. Luckily having the dogs gets me out of bed on the very worst days, even if we don't go out for our walk that day they don't mind just snuggling on the couch.

Thank you Chloe and Nathaniel for sharing a day in the life with your beautiful boys. It looks like it doesn’t get much better than this <3

x Dani.

Danielle Chidlow