Seth, Corinna + Michael


Seth has to be one of the happiest dogs I’ve had the pleasure of working with. His goofy smile is so infectious that I can’t imagine Corinna or Michael could ever have a bad day, so long as Seth is around!
We met in the lush Mount Osmond foothills for our session, and even though it’s Winter, the weather, sunlight, and glorious sky came together to make one particularly special afternoon.
Corinna shared with me a little insight into their Seth-filled world.

How did Seth come into your life?

Seth came into my world as a small little black ball of fluff with giant paws, as soon as I saw the size of his paws I knew he was going to be bigger than I thought. I got him shortly after the loss of my previous dog, as living without a dog just didn't seem right. He was a gift to myself for starting in my new job as a paramedic, I knew I needed a dog by my side.

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How would you describe his personality?

Seth has one giant big personality, it doesn't take much to get him excited and his forever happy nature is something that makes him very special. He loves all people he meets and is always a crowd pleaser at cafe's, trying to shake the hands of everyone that walks past him.

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If he could tell us all something about you, what would he say?

Seth would say that Michael and I are wrapped around his little paw, all he has to do is look at us with his big eyes and we are at his every need!

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What's everyday life like with Seth by your side?

Could imagine a life without him. He insists on following us everywhere around the house and we love having him by our side all the time.

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What does he love to do the most?

He is forever happy to see you, especially when you have a bad day, coming home from work to his happy nature can instantly turn your mood around.

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How has having a dog changed your life?

His companionship is something we will forever cherish, despite the early morning 6:30am wakeups, we can't imagine not having his giant personality in our lives.

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This was such a wonderfully fun session, and I am so smitten by Seth I'm tempted to find a Groodle of my very own!
In the mean time though, I’m grateful that Corinna and Michael could share their boy with me, even just for an afternoon.

x Dani.

Danielle Chidlow