Marlee, Baylee, Chloe + Scott

I met Chloe at the end of 2017 when we were both studying our Certificate 4 in Training. Chloe to expand her career as a Paramedic, and me to take my photography knowledge to the Centre for Creative Photography and teach classes. At this time, Hound in Hand was just an unrealised idea, bouncing around in my brain. While the training course wasn’t extensive and our time together was brief, Chloe remembered me sharing my idea and got back in touch in 2018 to book her family in for a photo session when Hound in Hand was finally born.
I am SO glad my idea became a reality so that I was able to capture this gorgeous foursome!

Introducing Baylee and Marlee, Chloe and Scott’s beautiful girls.

Photo by Baylee and Marlee’s parents

Photo by Baylee and Marlee’s parents

In Chloe and Scott’s words, a little bit about their fur babes:

Both girls are maremma x kelpie. Marlee is our eldest, she’s 3 and a half and such a placid girl, very much the maremma personality. Nothing has ever phased her, she’s an independent personality, marches to the beat of her own drum. We got her from Sheringa, a small town outside of port Lincoln, we were living there at the time and the farm advertised a litter of ‘farm accident’ pups that they were trying to get ‘rid’ of and we went to have a ‘look’ and came home with Marls. Best decision ever!

Baylee is 7 months and still a pup but is settling into such a loving, caring and affectionate girl. We got her from Mount Compass, after Marls being such a beautiful dog we said if we ever saw the same unusual mix pop up again we’d get another, and well, Baylee popped up on Gumtree and we were done!


How would you describe Marlee + Baylee's personalities?

It’s funny how both girls are 50/50 Maremma Kelpie crosses, but they could be totally different dogs! Marlee is a super placid independent dog who is far more Maremma in nature while still being fast, lean and built like a kelpie. Baylee however is nearly the complete opposite. She’s is always on the go, exploring, playful and keen to please! 

What is their relationship like? Are they besties?

Absolule best friends! It took Marlee 3 long days to warm up to the Baylee when we first brought her home, and since then they are best buds! They are constantly playing with each other and Marlee can often be found grooming Baylee like a good big sister :)

Marlee + Baylee-35.jpg

If they could tell us something about you, what would they say?

Mum and dad are needy! Constantly forcing cuddles upon us. 

Marlee + Baylee-10.jpg

What do Marlee + Baylee love to do the most?

The girls love the dog park. Nothing compares to a big pack of dogs for our two! They would live there if they could. 

How has having your girls changed your life?

They have brought a new level of happiness to our lives. They are always the happiest to see you when you’re home from work and constantly give you motivation to exercise and socialise. The girls are truely members of the family and make us happy every day! 

Marlee + Baylee-49.jpg

Our pets complete our families, and these four together are pretty perfectly complete. Thank you Marlee, Baylee, Chloe + Scott for inviting me into your world and sharing your story.

xx Dani.

Danielle Chidlow